Step 4. Uploading Members

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The final step in getting your club up and running is adding your members to FastCourts, and there are two ways to do this – individually or in bulk by uploading a CSV file with their names and email addresses. **We never spam your members or share their details with anyone! To add members follow these steps:

  1. Go to your admin pages and select “Manage Members” from the left hand menu. You will see the following options – 1. Add a member 2. Import users.
  2. “Add a Member” allows you to add an individual member and configure their account.
  3. “Import Users” allows you to bulk upload your members. To bulk upload your members do the following:
  4. Select Import users and you will see this screen
  5. To bulk upload you members we only require three basic details about them. Their forename, their surname and their email address. Download our template CSV using the link on the right of this page and complete it with your members details.
  6. Save your csv
  7. Select “Choose file” on this page
  8. Select you saved csv
  9. Select “Upload now”
  10. Your members will be loaded into the system and they will all receive a welcome email giving them instruction on how to log into the club’s new FastCourts booking account.

That’s it! Your club is now set up and your members can access the courts you have configured and make bookings.

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