Step 2. Set up your Club’s Details

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Once you have signed up for the free 30 day trial and have validated your email address you are able to log in and administer your club’s account.

Their are a lot of administration features in FastCourts, but to get started you only need to set up a basic few. Follow these steps to set up your club’s basic datails:

  1. Log in to FastCourts from the homepage
  2. Select “Admin” from the menu bar at the top of the page. You will now be taken to the administration homepage (see image below). Only members who are designated “Administrators” can access these pages.
  3. Select “Club Details” from the left hand menu. This pages is where you set up your club’s basic settings as follows:
  4. General – the general tab allows you to set up items such as your club’s main sport, the date format you prefer, your timezone and the hour format you refer. Towards the bottom of this page their is also a “Club Details” box. Fill in an introduction to your club here and it will appear on your club’s new FastCourts homepage. This is a nice way to explain a bit about the club to members and guests.
  5. Address – use the address tab to fill in your club’s full adress
  6. Payments – if you intend to charge members or guest for making bookings then use this tab to fill in your payment details and preferred currency.
  7. Social – fill in your club’s facebook and twitter addresses here as well as your club’s main internet address. These will then be linked from your FastCourts account so members can move back and forth easily.
  8. Download Usage Stats – use this tab to download up to 3 months of usage statistics.

That’s it! Your club’s basic details are all set up.


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