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The facilities your club manages are central to your FastCourts account.

Setting these up is easy and you can set up as many courts as you like within FastCourts.

Within the admin section click “Manage Courts” on the left-hand menu and follow these steps.

  1. Select “Add New Court”
  2. On the page that is now shown you have the following options for configuring your new court
  3. Court name – give your court a name that players will recognise such as “squash court 1”
  4. Court sport – tell us what sport is being played on the court. This allows you to restrict member bookings by sport type (if you like) later on.
  5. First available slot – what is the earliest this court can be booked?
  6. Last available slot – what is the latest this court can be booked?
  7. Booking length – how long are bookings?
  8. Number of slots a user can book in a row – how many sequential bookings can an individual user make on this court?
  9. Custom message – when users book this court they will receive an email confirmation. If you want that email to contain a custom message, enter it here. For example some clubs have combination locks on their courts and guests who book and pay will need to know the combination number.
  10. How far in advance can members book – select a number of days or week in advance that this court can be booked. Two weeks is fairly common.
  11. Valid booking days – stipulate what days of the week this court is available
  12. Guests Section. Some clubs allow guest bookings, some do not. If you want to allow guest bookings complete this section.
  13. Members Section. Some clubs charge members to book, some do not. If you want to charge members to book complete this section.
  14. Select “Add Court” at the bottom of the page

That’s it! Your court is now set up and saved and will appear on your FastCourts pages.

Set up as many courts as you like. Then invite your members to start using FastCourts.

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