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Block Bookings are a very powerful, yet easy to use, feature within FastCourts.

Block Bookings can be used to block out specific time slots on specific courts for up to a year in the future. For example you could block out 4pm to 6pm every Friday on court 1 for “team training”.

To access Block Bookings log in as an Administrator and navigate to admin > manage bookings > block bookings.

From there you can edit or delete any part of an existing Block Bookings, or you can add a new Block Booking.

To create a block booking:

  • Give your booking a name
  • Select the member you are booking for. For example this could be a particular coach. If it is a general club booking put your name in here.
  • Select the court
  • Set a start time for the booking – the first slot that will be booked
  • Set the end time for the booking- the last slot that will be booked
  • Set a start date
  • Set an end date
  • Set the days of the week that this booking will be made on
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