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FastCourts is all about helping you to play more, and to make booking court time easier. To make a booking as a member:

  1. Log in to FastCourts
  2. Go to the court that you wish to book
  3. Select any available time slot – available time slots are white
  4. Complete the booking dialogue as follows:
  5. Add in all players who are in team 1 – FastCourts will email them an invite
  6. Add in all players who are team 2 – FastCourts will email them an invite
  7. If your club allows sequential bookings you may use the “book from” dropdown box to extend your booking across multiple slots
  8. Select add booking
  • If you leave the team boxes blank, you will be added as the only player in team 1.
  • If your club charges for bookings, the player making the booking will be charged the entire booking cost

Some clubs do not allow sequential bookings so you can only book one slot in a row. Some clubs also place restrictions on how many bookings a player may have in total – see booking limitations.

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