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Welcome to FastCourts. We are a growing global community of sports clubs and our ambition is to make booking courts and time-slots as painless as possible.

We are also committed to making communication between members and clubs as simple and as straightforward as possible.

The FastCourts booking platform is a powerful booking system that lets club Administrators manage all aspects of their club’s facilities and making it really easy for members to book time slots.

We were created, and are still managed, by sport enthusiasts who were tired of the hassle of booking time-slots at our local club. So a few of us created Fastcourts and then thought…hey…why don’t we make this available to other clubs around the world who are probably having the same issues as we are! Fastcourts was thus born and continues to attract clubs world-wide who just want an easy to use booking system.

We keep our costs low – because we know what it’s like running a community based sports facility, and we make improvements as often as we can to our core system. Our pricing is less than £1 per member per year.

We would be delighted to have your club join our global community. Why not try our fully functioning, free (no credit card needed) 60 day trial to see what you think.

We’re here for you, your club and your members.

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